Get A 24/7, Do-It-All, “Staff Member” That Transforms Your Social Media Followers Into Leads & Paying Customers… Even While You Sleep

We’re An Automated Marketing Agency Creating Highly Engaging ChatBots That Leverage Your Following To Skyrocket Your Traffic, Leads & Sales

What can a ChatBot do for you?

  • Increase traffic, leads & sales
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Create more engagement
  • Provide valuable information
  • Take over repetitive tasks
  • Nurture leads
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If you have a strong social media following, you know that selling to them is becoming increasingly difficult.

  • The ever-decreasing reach on Facebook & Instagram
  • Having to pay to get your posts boosted and seen
  • Dealing with algorithm changes
  • Not having access to your follower’s email addresses

As a result you start feeling like everything you’ve worked so hard for (and invested a lot of time and money in) isn’t that valuable to you anymore. You might even consider quitting on social media altogether!

But what if there was a better way?

A solution that would enable you to IGNITE your customer engagement and generate leads faster and cheaper than ever before?

Well, now there is!

Welcome to

We design and build custom automated marketing campaigns that will enable you to leverage the power of conversational marketing across Messenger, your website, WhatsApp and Text Messages!

Here’s how we do that?

  • We will analyze your business and come up with the best strategy that will fit your needs and help you reach your goals.
  • Our trusted team of expert developers will leverage OmniChat technology to develop and host your chatbot on your website, Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS/Text.
  • We utilize your existing Facebook fan base to set up a marketing program that engages your followers and converts them into paying customers.
  • Your bot will build a comprehensive list of leads in the background, giving you the opportunity to market to them in the future.
  • You get highly reliable technical support, reporting and when needed human moderation services.

As a result you get to…

  • Increase your leads and sales at a minimal cost.
  • Increase Sales and Revenue.
  • Build brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Create massive awareness and social presence
  • Generate a real ROI from Facebook
  • Build a list of prospects
  • Communicate with them automatically
  • Generate more appointments and sales

7 Reasons Why Your Clients LOVE Chatbots

  • Chatbots are the best way to engage customers on Messenger – Facebook’s messaging app with over 1.3 BILLION users.
  • Customers Love to Talk & Facebook Messenger presents that opportunity for them to interact with the businesses they love.
  • You receive Real Time Data from your customers or potential clients who need your help
  • Your Customer Interactions are logged for future use, and to re-engage old or cold opportunities
  • You will create a Loyal Following by engaging your customers or clients, and also creating Raving Fans…
  • A Messenger bot can converse with your customers using open text or buttons, show images and videos, and even taking payments all via the chat interface.
  • You can start a conversation via a special Messenger URL, a button on your website, or even an ad.
Messenger Chatbots

Sounds interesting?

Then call our office at 416-457-2968 or schedule a demonstration by CLICKING HERE!

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You're fully protected by our iron-clad money-back guarantee: If you decide that your automated conversational marketing campaign hasn’t met your expectations, just let us know at any time during the first 30 days! We'll send you a prompt 100% refund of every penny you’ve paid. That's a full refund, not partial or pro-rated.

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I’ve tried to Boost my Post before and did not see any measurable results, how are you different?

Our Facebook Strategy does not require you to spend anything on Facebook Ads, as we leverage your existing fanbase and use some unique strategies to get more engagements and organically grow your message through social media momentum.

I have an IT Company that takes care of my website, how are you different from them?

While a great website is necessary to keep your customers engaged and informed, we find that a website is about the worst salesperson around without proper planning. We take it to another level, by creating a strategy that includes your Website, Google my Business, and your Social Media channels, specifically focusing on Facebook and Instagram.

I post regularly on Facebook and Instagram, but I am not seeing a very good return on the amount of time I spend posting, I am just ready to give up all together.

We hear you! Facebook is constantly changing all their algorithms, so trying to stay on top of changing trends and opportunities can be daunting. Your typical “Post” may only reach about 5-8% of your Fan Base these days, so we feel your pain. That is why we reverse engineered what works and created our unique viral strategies.