Launch by Lunch Bootcamp

Launch by Lunch Bootcamp

Get more business from Instagram in Record Time... Take advantage of the new Instagram Automation tools to create an incredible experience for your customers, get more leads and followers, wake up the Algorithm and essentially, sell more on Instagram. This Bootcamp Experience starts first thing in the morning and before Lunchtime your DM Automation System is ready to launch and collecting new leads for you and your business! Here is what we will go through...

Part 1: The Interface

Here we will take a deep dive into the interface of MobileMonkey, and how to best navigate around to get the most out of what you need to do, to be successful in deployment and day-to-day maintenance.

Part 2: The Outside World

There's no sense collecting data if we aren't going to do anything with it, so here we show you how to connect MobileMonkey to all of your outside systems to make sure we are both collecting valuable lead data, and sending it to outside systems where we can further nurture the relationship.

Part 3: Building the Conversation

Here we will deep dive into the concept of dialogues, and all the ways you can create immersive experiences for users right inside of the Instagram DM's. Using cards, GIFs, Images, Delays, Attributes, and Tags, we will show you how to create a naturally flowing dialogue that will capture your Visitor's attention and details all at the same time.

Part 4: Deploying the Dialogues

Here is where the "Rubber hits the Road" and we take all of our wonderfully built dialogues and deploy them to your Instagram Welcomer, Keyword Triggers, Story Mentions, and Drip Campaigns. All of your hard work will now come together, and you will have a beautifully designed and built Message Marketing System to collect leads, get more followers and fans, and sell more stuff...


This is the quickest and most comprehensive way to get your Message Marketing system for Instagram up and running in the shortest amount of time, using all of the tactics and techniques we have developed by helping countless businesses just like yours hit the ground running and have Message Marketing become the center of your Instagram Lead Generation and Sales strategy for your business. All of this will be completed in 3 hours, including a comprehensive question and answer session to ensure your campaign is ready to launch by the end. There is no faster way to start collecting leads and getting new business from Instagram than our Launch by Lunch Program.


This Program is perfect for...

  • Course Creators and Coaches
  • Influencers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Brands and Businesses
  • Lead Generation Companies
  • Public Figures on Instagram

* Our course will be using a variety of software tools to achieve our objectives, all software used in our Training are 100% Instagram Approved Tools, and a complete list of tools will be sent to you prior to the training and you are expected to come prepared to the Masterclass.