Chatbots for Getting more 5 Star Reviews for your Business

Do you Struggle to have your Customers or Clients leave you 5 Star Reviews on a Consistent and Regular Basis? Our Reviews Chatbot will solve all of your Problems.

You do an incredible job and your Fans “Tell” you how good you are, and what a Great Job you have done, but how do you get them to “Tell the World” about your Business?

With a Chatbot of course… We know that in Google Maps, a consistent flow of Great Reviews is essential to get to the top of the Coveted Google Maps 3 Pack. This is where your business appears for Free in Google’s Local Search Algorithm.

There are 3 Factors which place your Business on Top, and they are:

  1. How Many Reviews? (1 or 100)
  2. How Recent were those Reviews? (This week, or Last Year)
  3. How Many Positive Experiences? (Better be a 5 Star Service)

Pretty Simple Stuff, and Pretty Straightforward, the only challenge you have is how do you make it easy for people to Review your Business? Our Chatbot Technology will help your Business solve that Problem…

Google Reviews with a Chatbot

It also works for these great Reviews Sites as well…

Chatbot for TripAdvisor
chatbots for Facebook
chatbot for Yelp
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Here is how a Reviews Chatbot will Sky Rocket your Reputation…

Snap a Photo to Engage the Reviews Bot
Chatbots for Google Reviews
Capture Bad Reviews and Deal with them before they hit the Reviews World
Bad Reviews Chatbot
Reward your Reviewers by Offering them a VIP Special
Google Reviews Chatbot
24 Hours Later, send them to your Other Reviews Pages
Google Review Follow Up
All within a Mobile Environment, and all in Real Time…
It is your 24/7 Google/TripAdvisor Reviews Powerhouse…

Your Customers and Clients want to Leave you Rave Reviews in the Easiest and most Convenient way Possible.

Break down the barriers of Communication and use a Chatbot to engage your customers wherever they may be, Website, Mobile phone, SMS/Texting and even Messenger.

Make it Easy for your Raving Fans to Spread the Word!

All in one Unified inbox, all platforms, one View…

And all while building a Comprehensive Customer-Centric Database in the Background that you can Re-Market to.

The Easiest Way to get Rave Reviews for your Business is through a Well Designed Chatbot…

Google Reviews through a Chatbot
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  • Set up a Custom QR Code that sends your Customers Directly into your Google Reviews Chatbot
  • A Simple snap with any modern Smartphone has the QR Code Reader built right in
  • Within 10 Seconds your Raving Fans are Leaving a Google Review for your Business
  • Capture Bad Reviews before they ever hit the Internet through our email Capture Resolution Solution
  • Reward your Clients or Customers for leaving a Review with a Special or Offer
  • Set a Follow up to introduce them to other Reviews sites specific to your Business
  • All on their Mobile Phones, so no need to beg them after they have left, let them engage while they are right there
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Let’s Take a Look at some more Great Chatbot Examples and Success Stories…


Dominos changed the way we order food with Dom, the Interactive Pizza Bot. The Domino’s chatbot can re-order previous orders, offer a full menu, and track deliveries all in Messenger.

Dominos Chatbot


“Bot-Tender” provides users with opportunities to have one on one conversations with the brand. Serves up cocktail recommendations tailored to the customer’s preferences.

Patron Chatbot

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Chatbot features thousands of curated recipes you can explore using keywords (e.g. vegetarian or gluten-free) and even an emoji. You can even Find nearby stores, with location services turned on…

Whole Foods Chatbot


LEGO first introduced its first Facebook Chatbot Christmas 2017 and after a large success implemented a year-long 24/7 bot that recommended products to customers and answered common questions.

Lego Chatbot


Car maker KIA uses a chatbot that turns Messenger into a viable platform for information. “Kian” has generated 3x more interactions than the corporate site, talks to 115,000 users per week, and has a 21% conversion rate.

KIA Chatbot
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