Digital Marketing for Dental Offices

In the Very Competitive World of Local Dental Care, how do you Stand out and Make it Easy for Existing Clients and New Clients want to visit you, and in the end, book more appointments?

Digital Marketing by BotLogix

Do you Struggle to get New Patients into your Dental Office, and keep your existing Patients coming back regularly?

You do an incredible job helping patients, but how do you develop a great strategy to get new patients in on a regular basis with the new Social Media Landscape?

With a Chatbot, of course… Chatbots are not a fad or a passing media strategy; it is a way to engage your patients and future clients in a way that has never been possible until recently.

Do your patients or future clients use a Mobile Device?

Of course, they do…

Our Chatbot Solution for Dental Offices allows you to communicate with your patients where they are and where they will be for years. 

Mobile Communication is the new standard…

Do you want to stand out in this very crowded space, and show up in your client’s inbox before anyone else?

How many Dentists do you see advertising in the exact same way, in the exact same places, but with only different images, logos, and slogans? 

Pretty much everyone is doing the same thing, at the same time, in the same place… 

Now is the time to stand out and engage your customers in a way never before possible. 

Engage with your Customers, Clients, and Future Champions of your Brand with a Chatbot Built for Dentists…

Digital Marketing by BotLogix

Do you wanna DOMINATE Social Media Marketing for your Business?

Fantastic, we love helping companies spread their word on Social Media, let us start by saying this…

Social Media is FUN, Social Media Marketing, done properly is NOT (or not so much…) That’s why we are here. Let us take care of all the “TECHIE” details in the background to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities for every single client and sale. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Take your Customer Experience and Sales to a Whole New Level

SMS/Text Message Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Attract Customers like Crazy, and turn them into Raving Fans

Social Media Marketing

Website Development and Redesign

Whether you need a refresh or a whole new site, and everything in between

Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

Automate your website, faq or sales process with a well designed chatbot

Website Development and Redesign

SMS/Text Message Marketing

Deliver your Special, Offer or Giveaway right to your customers phone

Google my Business Marketing

Google my Business Marketing

Harness the power of the Google Maps 3-Pack and local search

And you focus on feeding us all the great content…

Sound Fair?

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