Instagram Automation using MobileMonkey

New to Instagram is Direct Message (DM) Automation. Using 100% Instagram Authorized Tools, we are Building Sales Funnels and Customer Journeys using IG DM Automation for Marketers, Brands, and Influencers…

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Instagram DM Automation Training and Custom Build

Unleash the Superpowers of your Instagram Inbox, by using Automation tools from MobileMonkey

One of today’s most powerful Social Media channels is Instagram, with nearly 1 Billion users per day, spending an average of 30 minutes on the application is Social Proof enough that Instagram is an area your business needs to focus on to be successful in the Social Media Selling World.

But how do you engage your customers in an application that is mostly visual and not really a sales tool as most people see it, but you are missing the greatest opportunity to connect with your customers, and that is through the Instagram Inbox or Instagram DM’s as they are more commonly referred to.

Imagine having a Chatbot manning your Instagram Inbox to deliver value and guide your visitors to your best content, so they see value from the moment they interact with you on Instagram. Send them your Best PDF, sales guide, or killer resource all right to their Instagram DM Inbox.

Turn your Instagram Inbox into a Sales Funnel with MobileMonkey IG Automation Tools.

To unleash the power of your Instagram Inbox, you need to set up a chatbot software solution from MobileMonkey so you can build out your Automation Sequences. MobileMonkey is a 100% Instagram Approved and Authorized Tool, so you can have confidence that the chatbot you set up, will be fully compliant with Instagram and Facebook.

When you set up Automation for your Instagram Inbox, you will have access to 3 very Powerful Instagram Automation Features not found in your Inbox today.

Instagram Welcomer – Welcome your Inbox visitors with a New Look, and set up a Landing page right inside your Inbox that will allow you to Capture more leads, and deliver more value than ever before.

Keyword Triggers – Wake up the power of your Instagram Inbox by using Keyword Triggers, so when someone DM’s you a trigger word such as eBook, your Inbox will come to life and send them off your perfectly curated eBook, all automatically, running 24/7.

Story Mention Automations – Here is where the algorithm really goes nuts and keeps sending more and more traffic to your page because the algorithm loves interaction. With Instagram Automations and Story Mentions, when someone mentions your page or brand in their Stories, automation kicks in and thanks them for the mention and can send off a Thank you gift directly to their DM’s all automated.

Instagram Chatbots
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3 Ways to Crush it using Instagram Automation and Chat Marketing…

Instagram Page Welcomer

The Instagram Welcomer is your new Sales Funnel within your DM’s. You can now set up a Welcomer for you Instagram Inbox to deliver value and send your customers a resource such as an eBook, Course Outline or Special of the day directly from the DM’s on Automation by using development tools from MobileMonkey

Instagram Comment Guard

The Instagram Comment Guard allows you to set up a chatbot to automatically respond to one or any of your posts. Imagine you set up your greatest post, and ask your followers to “Comment Below” to start the Chatbot. When someone comments on your post, automation kicks in and gives “Thanks” for the comment, and automatically sends a Thank you “resource” to the DM’s of the Commenter. You can set this up for your Inbox by using 100% Instagram/Facebook Authorized Tools from MobileMonkey

Instagram Story Mentions

The Instagram Story Mention feature allows you to Thank People using Automation and kick the Algorithm into high gear. When someone mentions your Page or Brand in their Story, you can automatically send them out a Special Gift for the mention, and create a new and immersive conversation all automatically, running 24/7. You can set this up for your Inbox by using 100% Instagram/Facebook Authorized Tools from MobileMonkey

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At Botlogix, we have been developing Chatbots and Automation Technologies for companies of all sizes, so they can make more sales and generate more leads using automation that runs 24/7.

Instagram Chatbots are the newest wave of engagement, so you can turn your “Old Inbox” into a Sales Generating Machine running seamlessly for you and your business.