SMS/Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing or SMS Marketing is an Incredible way to Stay Connected with your Customers in a cost-effective way for small businesses to acquire new customers and keep their current ones happy.

Text Message Marketing keeps you Connected to your Customers…

When your Customer is at your Location we give them an Irresistible Offer such as a “15% Discount.”

They Text a “Trigger Word” to your Custom Local Phone Number – Such as “Discount”

Once they send the Trigger Word, our SMS system sends them back an Automated Message giving them access to the Discount

They have now become an SMS Subscriber to your Business, and we can continue to Drip Market directly to their Phone

We set up 2 automated messages per month, so we stay Top of Mind but are not Intrusive

At any time, your Subscribers can text back STOP to be removed from your Marketing Promotions and stay compliant with all Regulations

As long as you continue to send out Offers to your Subscriber List that have massive amounts of Value, why would they ever want to leave

We can also set up multiple Trigger Words so that you can offer up different specials to different people at different times

All within your Customers Text Message inbox, marketing in the new age of communication

We do everything for your Business, you just decide on what you would like to Offer your Subscribers…

First, we determine what your “Irresistible Offer” is to entice people into your SMS Marketing System

We then secure you a Local Phone Number unique to your Business, fully compliant with all Regulations

We Provide your Business with the Graphics to Advertise and Promote your Offer

We will then set up your Initial Trigger phrase or phrases and set up the Auto-Responder to deliver back to the Customer your Irresistible Offer

We then work together to set up 2 more Irresistible Offers to remarket back to your customers, research shows Those 2 Text Messages per month are best to offer value but not be Spammy…

Each and every day, you are enrolling new subscribers, they are all communicated within an Automated way, all you have to do is promote customers Text the Trigger Word to your Custom Local Phone number

We take care of all the Automation in the Background, so you can focus on doing what you do best and use drip marketing in the background to stay top of mind with your customers

text message marketing

Do you wanna DOMINATE Social Media Marketing for your Business?

Fantastic, we love helping companies spread their word on Social Media, let us start by saying this…

Social Media is FUN, Social Media Marketing, done properly is NOT (or not so much…) That’s why we are here. Let us take care of all the “TECHIE” details in the background to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities for every single client and sale. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Take your Customer Experience and Sales to a Whole New Level

SMS/Text Message Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Attract Customers like Crazy, and turn them into Raving Fans

Social Media Marketing

Website Development and Redesign

Whether you need a refresh or a whole new site, and everything in between

Chatbot Development

Chatbot Development

Automate your website, faq or sales process with a well designed chatbot

Website Development and Redesign

SMS/Text Message Marketing

Deliver your Special, Offer or Giveaway right to your customers phone

Google my Business Marketing

Google my Business Marketing

Harness the power of the Google Maps 3-Pack and local search

And you focus on feeding us all the great content…

Sound Fair?