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Welcome to our Facebook Cover Automation Page, we need to collect this information from you to best set up your new account.
  • * We will use this as your main point of contact for your customers. If you would like to use an alternate phone number for contact with our office, please leave it below in the next field. *
  • If you would like to add in your Cell number as a primary means of communication with us, please do so here, otherwise we will contact you on the number above.
  • If you have one...
  • This is how people search for your Business Name on Facebook
  • It should look something like this if you have a Vanity URL, if you have not claimed your Vanity URL, then it will have numbers at the end instead of your company name https://www.facebook.com/BotLogix
  • Please provide as high of a resolution as you can for your company logo. The best version would be a .PNG file, but a .JPG file works well also. If you do not have a logo file, we will work hard to try and find yours on the web...
  • Please provide a full description of your company, and be flattering :) We will use this in some areas if necessary, but it also gives us a better understanding of your business, your goals and your vision as well.