Forget about Begging People for Google Reviews by email, web-pages or word of mouth…

Use our Google Reviews System to CONSISTENTLY Receive 3-8 Reviews of your Restaurant per day, every day, ALL ON Auto-Pilot!

Is your Restaurant in need of more Google Reviews?

A Custom Google Reviews Chatbot will help you Boost your Restaurant up the Ranks in Google Places and Maps Insanely Fast…

Attract More Customers

Reviews have a direct impact on your reputation, local rankings, and overall sales. Searchers are drawn to companies that have the highest ratings, the most reviews, and business owners that respond. Take control of your reputation, actively manage your relationships, and attract more customers from Google My Business with a BotLogix Google Reviews System.

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Google Reviews with a Chatbot
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Why do you need more Google Reviews?

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind, that when a Customer is Searching for a Local Restaurant that Google is the First Stop for really, ANYONE…

There are 3 Main Factors When it comes to where your Restaurant shows up on the Top of the Coveted Google Maps 3 Pack, and here they are.

  • You have Claimed your Google My Business Account, and Provided the Correct Name, Address and Phone Number. This is called the NAP
  • You are Geographically Located near the Person who is Searching for your Restaurant
  • You have a CONSISTENT Amount of Google Reviews from Legitimate Users

So you really have control over all 3 Factors used in the Ranking of your Restaurant, but the Hardest Part is Getting Consistent Reviews for your Restaurant…

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But here is the Challenge …

How do you get Consistent and Countless Google Reviews from your Loyal Customers and Fans?

Give a Great Experience

Obviously it all Starts with a Great Experience. Do what you do Best, and the rest will Take care of itself…

Ask for a Review

After you have given them 5 Star Service, ask them if they would Review your Business while they are still there…

Make it Easy for Them

With a Snap from their Smart Phone and 20 Seconds of their Time, the Review is Completed and your Rankings Go Up…

Here is where a BotLogix Reviews Solution comes in…

A Mobile Solution where you can get Google Reviews all day long with a Simple Point and Click Review System…

Step 1.

Your Customers Scan your Custom QR Code

The QR code is Customized for your Business, Customers Simply Point their Smartphones at the Code and are immediately brought into our Google Reviews Solution…

Step 2.

Our Chatbot sends them to your Google Reviews Page

Your Custom Chatbot will Welcome your Customers and Sends them to Your Google Reviews Page, making leaving a Review as simple as taking a picture. And as Fast Too!!!

Step 3.

Our Chatbot follows up and sends your Customers a Thank you

When Customers leave a Review, we then follow up to say Thanks, and send them out a message the next day offering any specials/discounts or offers they may enjoy.

All done on your Customers iPhone or Smart Phone

And all done within 20 seconds…

What could be Easier???

Here is what is Included in your Custom Chatbot for Google Reviews…

  • Set up of your Initial Chatbot

    Customized Mini Chatbot with 1 Welcome Path

    • About Us + 2 Pages
    • Contact Us + 3 Pages
    • Our Services + 3 Pages
  • QR Code Setup to Reviews Page

    We will set up a Custom QR Code with your Logo and Colors, so your Customers and Fans can Easily leave you a Google Review using their Smartphones.

  • Automated 1 Hour Follow Up

    1 Hour after your Fans leave you a Review, the Chatbot will Automatically send out a Thank you and give them a Discount or Offer for their next visit.

  • 23 Hour Automated Follow up

    We will send out a 2nd Message – 23 hours after your Initial Review, so you can offer up a Discount/Special and Send them to your TripAdvisor, YELP and Facebook reviews page.

  • Set up on your Facebook Business Page

    We will Install the Chatbot on your Facebook Business Page for Engagement, visitors to your FB Business page can also interact with your Chatbot.

  • Chatbot eMail Notification Service

    You will receive an eMail when Customers request things from your Business such as Appointment Scheduling, Contact Us or Specials.

We will Create a Demo “Bot” for you by Clicking Here
Chatbot for Google Reviews

Google Review Chatbot Pricing…

Standard Chatbot

$497Custom Chatbot Build
  • Welcome Chatbot – 8 Pages/1 Path
  • Custom QR Code Setup
  • 1 Hour & 23 Hour Follow Up Sequence
  • Set up on Facebook Business Page
  • 3 eMail Notification Sequences

Premium Chatbot

$997Extensive Chatbot Build
  • All Features from Standard Chatbot plus…
  • 15 Pages/3 Paths
  • Artificial Intelligence Learning
  • Integration with CRM or Business Systems
  • Website Integration/OmniChat

Monthly Maintenance

$197Chatbot Management
  • Software and Server Maintenance
  • All Updates and Upgrades
  • Artificial Intelligence Learning
  • 1 New Page/Promotion per Month
  • Subscriber List Created and Sent
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Our Google Reviews System is not Just for Google!

We will Give your Customers an Easy way to Review your Business on all the Popular Social Media Sites, all included in your Standard Chatbot Setup