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Steffen deGraaf

Founder and Chief Creative officer of BotLogix

Steffen deGraaf’s BIO

My name is Steffen deGraaf and I am a lifelong resident of Burlington, ON Canada. I’ve never been a person who limits my experiences, or myself; instead I choose to get involved in as many different groups and organizations as I can. Variety is important in life and I always welcome the opportunity to make a difference.

I was raised within a family where Entrepreneurship was promoted on a Regular Basis, and that the Foundation of any great business is a consistent flow of new customers and a following of happy ones…

The deGraaf name has been synonymous with Insurance and Investing here in Burlington for almost 45 years, inevitably it’s become a big interest and focus of mine. My father had mentored me for over a decade at deGraaf Financial Services, until it was time for me to start my own company using the years of knowledge, contacts and experience I’d gained and thus Infinity Insurance and Investments arrived. While Building the Infinity Brand and Business, I became obsessed with Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies, to both grow our Customer base and Create raving fans. And after nearly 20 years in Financial Services, the journey has now gone back to where everything started for me, as a Technology Professional. I used to be part of a Great Technology team at Oracle before joining the Financial Services World, and I am so excited to be back.

BotLogix is a very Boutique Digital Marketing Company focused on using Digital Strategies to attract, convert and satisfy clients for the Businesses I work with. We use Chatbot Technology extensively, and every technology that surrounds it, for the end goal of getting new customers for your business.

Our Company is also a Development and Technology Partner with MobileMonkey and one of only 2 Certified Developers in Canada to deliver high end chatbot solutions for our customers.

Also in my spare time…

For the last ten years I’ve been a Sports Coach for SoccerBaseball and Football here in Burlington, and over the years I have coached and mentored hundreds of children. Sports teach children integrity, perseverance, positive attitude, respect and develops self-esteem, all valuable life skills. I’m also an active board member for social causes and youth services; as a father of two I know that our youth are our future and they need to be nurtured.

“A Coach will Impact more Young People in one year,

Than the Average Person does in a Lifetime”

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